Warasa Garifuna Drum School

Garifuna Dancing Lessons

Book traditional Garifuna dancing lessons as a couple or small to medium size groups.  

Lessons begin with your instructor giving a brief background to Garifuna culture.  He will then demonstrate how to dance to a basic Paranda rhythm. He will teach you the different dance moves for men and women while a family member plays  along on the seguna bass drum. Moving along at a pace to suit you, he will then introduce you to other traditional dances in the time available, including Punta, Chumba, Hungu-Hungu, Jonkunu and Gunjei. Our Garifuna dancing lessons will give you the confidence to wind with the Garifuna grooves wherever you go!

Price per hour per person:

2-3 people: $40USD/$80BZD per person

4-7 people: $25USD/$50Bz per person

8-11 people: $22.50USD/$45Bz per person

12-14 people: $20USD/$40BZD per person

15-20 people: $17.50USD/$35BZD per person

Combine your dancing lesson with a drumming lesson or drum-making lesson, or join it all together for a half-day package!