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Punta Gorda town

Punta Gorda town


Punta Gorda town is a small coastal town with a population of approximately 6000 people.  Founded by Garifuna immigrants in the 1800s, it retains a large Garifuna population,.  Today the town also has a large Maya population along with East Indians, Creole, Mennonite, Chinese, Mestizo and more.

With beautiful views across the Bay of Honduras to the hills of Guatemala and Honduras on a clear day, PG makes an excellent base for exploring the district.  Whether you arrive by water taxi from Puerto Barrios or Livingston, or by bus, private vehicle or plane from another town in Belize, if you take some time to get to know PG town you will find a friendly and local town to explore.

The main town has 5-6 streets that run parallel to the coast line, linked by numerous cross streets.  On Front Street you will find the local Tourist Information office, and locals selling their wares on market days.  Most streets have at least one convenience store selling cold drinks, snacks and basic grocery supplies.  There are two banks on Main Street with ATMS.  There is also a post office, two pharmacies, and numerious small local eateries lining the main streets.