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Tours from Placencia

Tours from Placencia to the Toledo district are very popular as guests seek to add some extra nature, culture and adventure to their Placencia holiday.

TOURS from Placencia

Placencia village and peninsula boasts beautiful beaches, delicious and varied cuisine, exquisite hotels and exciting water tours.  But many visitors choose to explore further afield to get away from the beach and water for the day and experience a different kind of adventure.

Many of the activities that we list in our Top Ten Toledo Activities are easily accessible by road from Placencia.  Whether you choose to use a rental vehicle or book a tour through a local tour operator, ensure you make the best of your Toledo day tour.  We recommend you choose either a couple of attractions to visit, or choose a longer immersion at the attraction of your choice.

Many families vacationing in Placencia have signed up for one of Half-Day Cultural Packages, which is an excellent choice.  This option could also be combined with a cacao (chocolate) tour, or a visit to one one of the local Maya sites, waterfalls or ziplines en-route.

We are more than happy to give guidance to guests travelling from Placencia even if you choose not to book with us.

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