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Garifuna Language Resources

We are starting to compile a list of free, online Garifuna Language Resources.  This will include song lyrics and more.

Garifuna Religious Texts

Throughout history, religious texts have often been the first texts to be translated into local languages.  This is true even in Garifuna it seems, as we have found The Gospel of John from 1897 translated to Garifuna through an online library resource – you can download it below.

Gospel of John in Garifuna

This trend continues to the modern day!  If you are a Jehovah’s Witness, or simply interested in more documents in Garifuna, then the Jehovah’s Witness entire website has also been translated into Garifuna.

Likewise, the Christian new testament is available to download and also to listen to in the Garifuna language.

Garifuna Song Lyrics

The Smithsonian has recorded three dedicated Garifuna albums from the 1950s to the 1980s in Honduras and Belize.  You can download the comprehensive liner notes including history of songs, some lyrics and more below:

We have also added additional song lyrics acquired elsewhere to the following songs:

Other Garifuna Language Resources

As we locate more resources we will add them to this page.