Warasa Garifuna Drum School

Garifuna Beluria (Ninth Night)

The Garifuna beluria (Ninth Night) takes place 9 nights after a death. It is part of the Garifuna culture‘s celebration of a person’s passing to meet the ancestors. Usually a tent is set up outside the house of the house where the person lived or a close family member.  Guests are served rum, bread, coffee, chicken or conch soup, or other traditional foods and drinks.  A mass is held inside the house often with photos of the deceased, incense and other items.  Meanwhile, people outside sing hymns. Under the tent it is common for people to gamble with cards.  Others listen to Anansi or other old stories, while another group sings and dances before the drums. Most of these are optional, but punta dancing is a must and usually goes on till dawn.