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The Paranda is the only traditional drumbeat and song genre in Garifuna culture to involve the guitar.  The integration of the guitar into Garifuna music clearly reflects the Latin American influence that occurred when the Garifuna people migrated to Central America.

The Paranda is one of the mostly popular Garifuna styles, and songs are often played at parties and other events.

Aurelio Martinez & Ray

There are many notable singers, including the famed Paul Nabor of Punta Gorda, Belize, and Aurelio Martinez of Honduras.  Most composers of paranda songs are men.  The songs often address emotions, events, and social matters and criticism.

It is also the simplest beat to learn on the Garifuna drums, and will the first beat you are taught if you come to one of our Garifuna drumming lessons.  There are slightly different variations of the beat between Garifuna musicians in Belize, Guatemala and Honduras.

One of the most popular Paranda songs across the Garifuna world is Malati Isien – you can learn the words and English translation by clicking on this link.

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