Garifuna Drum-Making

Garifuna drum-making lessons at Warasa show you the basics of making a Garifuna drum. Chisel, plane and sand a solid log into shape.  Prepare the deerskin hide and fix it to the drum using jungle vines.  Make the natural wood pins to tighten the ropes and add the bass or snare wires.

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It is an intensive and time-consuming process to make a drum from start to finish.  Book a longer lesson if you want to learn more of the steps.

1005291_589282644466036_1265463871_nWe will show you how it is done the traditional way and the modern way.  Prepare yourself to use or watch your teacher using power tools and get dusty!   You can simply watch or get hands-on.

Prices per person:

1-4 people: $25USD/$50Bz per person

5-10 people: $20USD/$40Bz per person