Garifuna Culture Activity Packages

Garifuna Culture Activity Packages

Half-Day Drumming Packages

We offer flexible half-day Garifuna culture activity packages, with the option to include a traditional Garifuna meal of fresh fish fillet sauteed in mildly spiced coconut milk served with mashed plantain (known as “hudut” in Garifuna). Minimum 2 people.

Select any three activities from the list below to make up your half-day package:
1:   1 hour interactive Garifuna drumming lesson
2:   1 hour interactive drum-making lesson/demonstration
3:   30 minute traditional Garifuna drum group performance featuring 4-member band
4:   1 hour traditional Garifuna dancing lesson
Cost per person:
For groups of 2-3 people: $100USD/ $200BZ (without meal)
For groups of 4-8 people: $75USD/ 150Bz (without meal)
Add $7.50USD/ $15BZD to include meal

Half-Day Garifuna Drumming & Cooking Package

Please note this activity is not currently available. We hope to be offering it again later in 2020!
We offer a 1 hour drumming lesson, followed by approximately 2 hour cooking lesson, where you will learn how to cook the traditional Garifuna meal of hudut. You will learn how to make coconut milk from scratch, prepare and pound the green and ripe plantain, and season the coconut milk broth ready to sautee the fresh fillet fish. You will then sit down and enjoy the delicious meal you just made!
Minimum 4 people.

Cost per person:
For groups of 4-8 people: $75USD/ 150Bz
If you have an idea for bespoke Garifuna culture activity packages let us know!

Garifuna Cultural Activities in Belize

Garifuna cultural activities at Warasa appeal to a wide range of guests. From interactive Garifuna drumming, dancing or drum-making lessons, to simply sitting back and enjoying a traditional performance, we can arrange it all! You can book your activity on our Reservation page or on the individual activity pages linked below.  If you have any problems booking through our website, email us or call us on +501 632 7701 or 628-2337 (both WhatsApp preferred).

Garifuna cultural activities

Enjoy an authentic, interactive drumming lesson as your instructor sings and plays along with you.  Or get stuck in with a drum-making session. Learn the traditional and modern ways of making our drums using solid wood logs, jungle vines, deerskin.  Learn about the plants and seeds used to make our maracas.  Move your hips and learn the traditional Garifuna dances.  Learn to make the traditional Garifuna lunch of “hudut”.  Or, just sit back and enjoy a traditional meal and professional group performance.

Warasa and more

As well as enjoying all these activities at Warasa, you can immerse yourself even more.  Join in on Settlement Day activities in all Garifuna communities or the annual Battle of the Drums activities every November in Punta Gorda.