Drum, Dance & Dine

Drum, dance & dine with us under our beautiful thatch palapa at Warasa!

Please note: This is an activity for larger groups only (10 guests or more). For smaller groups, we recommend one of our other activities, such as a drumming lesson, or half-day package.

Drum, dance & dine

Enjoy an evening with us at Warasa.  Your activity begins with a short history of the Garifuna history and culture.  Then we will move onto a 30 minute professional group performance followed by a short dance lesson where you will learn some of the traditional dances like paranda, punta and jonkunu.  Finally, sit back and relax and enjoy a traditional Garifuna meal of “Hudut” – fresh fish fillet sauteed in coconut milk with mild spices and served with mashed plantain.

Price per person:

Groups of 10 -13 people: $17.50USD/$35BZD per person

Groups of 14+ people: $15USD/$30BZD per person